Jente - Financial Services Print


The area, in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 118 of June 23, 2011 regarding the harmonization of PA's accounting systems, constitutes one of the fundamental hubs of the system both for the intrinsic features of its components and for the overall integration revolving around it.

It is functionally structured on some basic modules: 

Financial Accounting

  • Predisposition and budget management
  • Multiannual Budget
  • PEG
  • Seasonal Suppliers (Invoice Settlement)
  • Income and Expense Handling
  • Down Payment and 770 form
  • VAT
  • Consolidation Account Processing
  • Budget analysis 
  • Certificates Production
  • Interaction with other system components:

    • Planning and Management Control, Acts Management
    • Acts Management
    • Human Resources, Mortgages, Board of Education, Treasurer’s Office, etc.
  • Interaction with various external systems:
    • Treasury, Ministries, Court of Auditors
  • Interaction with other systems for documents archive


Asset Accounting

  • Chart of Accounts Management
  • Cash book 
  • Trial balance
  • Income Statement, P&L report


Analytical Accounting

  • Definition of cost / revenue centers (in connection with the Central Information Core)
  • Analytical records for cost / revenue center
  • Management of information flows from external accounting sources (salaries, warehouse, assets, etc ...)


Mortgage Management

  • New loans register
  • Amortization Schedule management
  • Mortgages for works
  • Instalment schedule for Treasury
  • Proposed payment orders at expiration
  • Attachments to the budget elaboration  (divided by chapter,  Institute, ministerial code)

Additional Optional forms are available by means of:

  • Electronic Order
  • On line access to Suppliers’ Statement of Account