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It is meant for the management of the complex system for monitoring the implementation status of the programs and the comparison of  costs and  quantity and quality of services offered, in accordance with art. 196, 197 and 198 of Legislative Decree 267/2000 and it consists of two basic components:

Planning and Goals Check

  • Definition of goals
  • Management of Negotiation
  • PEG preparation
  • Progress monitoring and evaluation
  • Analysis of program implementation status


Analytical Accounting for Cost Centre

  • Analysis of cost centre findings and levels of organizational structure
  • Detection and management of quantitative data
  • Setting up of efficiency and effectiveness indicators 
  • Allocation / Breakdown Drivers for direct and Indirect Costs
  • Directional analysis
  • Definition of Datamart oriented to B.I.

Optional additional modules are also possible for:

  • Goals Planning Publication on WEB



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