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Production, supply, maintenance and service
of Integrated Multiplatform Software Solutions for
Public Administration and its Companies
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Integration and operational completeness

All applicative field components are realized in accordance with each specific reference law and following the most well - established orientations in management organization.
In compliance with managerial autonomy, a so-called “central information core” acts as a joining element through which the system is administered, permissions are assigned and information of general interest is managed.
All this planning and the massive functional interaction between all modules lead to complete and tested "ERP Systems for P.A. and its firms” solutions.  Self-sufficient and able to harmonize easily in contexts with particular application requirements.

Innovation and Dematerialization

The entire system is designed to assist the Administration in adopting a modern and functional organization focusing on "Objectives" management and process oriented automation both through the widespread use of the "Workflow" and through the total dematerialization in the document management.


The homogeneity of the interfaces and the simplicity of navigation between functions, as well as the adoption of the same graphics,  guarantees the maximum accessibility and facility of system use.
Moreover, a wide possibility of parameterisation and the different users’ validation modality ensure enough flexibility and adaptability in order to obtain the maximum connection to each specific organization in compliance with all confidentiality and information safeguard restrictions.


IT environment

Both jEnte and jAz softwares are designed to ensure top protection of the investments in Public Administration by granting the widest technical flexibility as well as independence towards any component in the hosting operating system.
All application modules have been realized to operate on open systems, in full Web environment with J2EE technology.
In addition to this, in the design phase special attention has been paid to ensure top reliability and system scalability in standard environments.  In order to do this, frameworks and open-source components have been widely used.
As a result, this structure is therefore fully capable of becoming part without any conditioning prerequisites of an open source environment both as operating system, RDBMS or Office Automation tools.

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