INFOR - Software per la Pubblica Amministrazione
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Production, supply, maintenance and service
of Integrated Multiplatform Software Solutions for
Public Administration and its Companies
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Founded in 1981, INF.OR. Ltd is a producer of application software specialized in the supply and organization of informative systems addressed to local public Administration.
The solutions we propose, all aimed at best matching the functional requirements of each specific application area, are conceived to constitute a complex Integrated Information system capable of meeting all administrative management needs in an innovative context aimed at an increasingly effective direct interaction, through online services, between Citizen and Administration.
INF.OR supplies directly all services necessary to ensure an effective implementation of the systems provided.  These services include the organization of setting and starting up operations, staff training and offices on-job training during the launch phase as well as post installation assistance and maintenance of application systems.
Target institutions of these solutions are indeed Municipalities and Provinces as well as Mountain Communities, Local Health Units, institutions, foundations, Regional Development Organizations etc.  Moreover, a specific version of the system is addressed to different Public Companies (firms, institutions, HMO’s, charitable institutions, etc.) with the purpose of granting all different features of management in a simple yet profitable way.

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